What if you could change just one life?

Donate now or create your own page to raise funds for Just1 and Desert Rose Ministries. Help us build a safe house for girls in Suswa, Kenya. Every girl that is rescued and placed in our safe house will no longer have a future of slavery, but a future of hope.

In our safe house, they will receive food, clothing, as well as an education. Our girls will be taught life skills, and they will be cared for emotionally, physically, and spiritually. By donating or creating your own fundraiser, you will not just be helping us build a safe house, you will be changing the future of precious girls.  

Think of it this way - even if you just changed one girl's future - wouldn't it be worth it?  We believe it would. We believe every life is worth it.
She is worth it.
Join us, and together we will give her a new future, a future of freedom and hope.

How you can support:

  1.  Make a one time or monthly donation.
  2. Create your own fundraiser and rally your friends and family to support.
  3. Form a team and fundraise together.

Fundraising ideas:

Get creative! You are free to do your fundraising campaign however you'd like! But here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
The Holidays: 33%  of all donations are made during these holiday months. Try giving up a gift or two and ask for donations instead!
Birthday: Why not give up your gifts and ask for donations instead? Make this year special. Celebrate your birthday and a great cause at the same time.
Be Creative: Grow a beard (No Shave November!), shave your head, have a bake sale, knit scarves. Do your thing, just do it for a cause. Go ahead. Get creative!
Host an Event: Organize an event for our cause! Recruit your friends and host a 5k, a dance party, or a nice dinner!
Sports: Whether you're running a marathon, skydiving for the first time, or anything in between, use your next sporting opportunity to raise funds & awareness for our cause!
In Honor Of: Celebrate the memory of someone you love by raising money for a cause they care about.

Ready? Let's go!

Email info@just1.org with any questions.
Go to just1.org to find out more about us and ways to get involved.


At Just1, we believe in the power of coming alongside other ministries that has the same vision and heart as we do. We have partnered with Teresa June Webb and her organization, Desert Rose Ministries,  in Kenya to build this safe house.  DRM has been rescuing girls from the slavery of early childhood forced marriage for 5+ years, and this safe house will empower their ministry to continue to rescue more girls and give them a new life. Visit http://desertroseministries.com for more information on their work in Kenya.

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